Seacoidan: The perfect whole food from the sea with tremendous healing power

  1. Rejuvenates and restores cells
  2. Powerful natural anti-inflammatory
  3. Fortifies your immune system
  4. Removes toxins, metals and radioactiveelements from cells
  5. Neutralizes acids in your body to balance pH
  6. Neutralizes free radicals
  7. Purifies your blood and prevents clotting
  8. Naturally increases your energy
  9. Lowers your cholesterol…keeps LDLcholesterol low and healthy
  10. Supports healthy blood flow
  11. Combats high blood sugar
  12. Helps the body fight viruses, bacteria,fungus and parasites
  13. Promotes proper thyroid function
  14. Enhances moisture retention of skin(keeps it younger looking)
  15. Boosts liver function
  16. Improves bone and joint health
  17. Improves intestinal environment
  18. Strengthens mucosal lining of digestiveand urinary tracts
  19. Fights obesity and abdominal fat
  20. Combats metabolic syndrome
  21. Prevents infections
  22. Reduces effects of aging
  23. Relieves pain
  24. Supports healthy upper respiratorymucous membranes
  25. Balances glands and hormones
  26. Enhances long term memory formation
  27. Mobilizesstemcellstoenable tissue and organ regeneration
  28. Corrects mineral deficiencies
  29. Increases longevity and disease resistance